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Keeping notes
I found the best way to deal with memory loss is to swallow your pride and simply accept the fact that you definately can't trust your memory after a head injury. You may think you've got no real problems and that it's only a "slight memory loss" issue, but I soon realised that you're only thinking that as you can't even slightly remember the things you've forgotten. It's not like it used to be before your accident when you "forgot" something - as you used to know there was glimpse of something there before. Now, you literally completely forget it - hook, line and sinker.

I have found the best and only reliable way of dealing with this is to keep immaculate notes at all times. If it's important, it gets written down in a notepad and the notepad slips into a pocket to be carried around at ALL times. The biggest trick is to no longer trust your memory (or have I already said that - I can't remember... Smilewinkgrin ) - that way you can start to be relied on again.

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