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Physical Exercise
I never used to carry out any kind of serious physical exercise before my accident as I used to smoke very heavily (20/day for about 10 years) and never had the stamina to do so. When I came round from my coma after the accident, I remember thinking to myself, "hmm, I haven't smoked for a while now so why not try and give up?" So I did and then when I got out of hospital, I started some gentle physical exercise to build back some muscles and body tone (after three months of lying down, it had all seriously disappeared!!)

Started with long walks just to build back as gently as possible. After a few months of this, these became jogs as it made the "same scenery" more interesting if I got slightly knackered out instead of just walking like I'd come accustomed too. I got well into this and ended up going for three mile runs on a daily basis for months - was really nice to be building back endurance. Unfortunately, I piled in too fast and caused serious problems in my knee joints but I took a step back, allowed recovery and now carry on but go for three mile jogs every other day instead.

So then I thought "hmm, legs getting better now, but what about the rest?". I started therefore going to all over body exercise classes at a local leisure centre called a "Circuit Class". To begin with, I was very much only carrying out a few of the exercises in the class as everyone else got tucked in, but over a few months, my body started to get used to this sort of exercise and I found myself soon addicted to this as well.

All this exercise has eventually combined itself so that every day now, I am working out different parts of my body and although it was extremely difficult to begin with after my accident, I don't regret a second of it now. It is so much better to be back in physical control after you lose it over an accident - one incredibly lucky man that it was only temporary paralysis and could build it all back over time. Initially very painful, but I totally recommend tucking into it if you can.
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