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Eh Up...
Hi Pete,
took your suggestion and visted your site. Very informative Smile

Not a biker myself but I have very much enjoyed reading everybody's posts.
I met Pete from the Head Injury clinic and found out that we have had similar careers.

My story:
I was involved in a car accident in Nov 2005 with which only myself was involved and suffered a TBI. I cannot remember why I was in the car and can't remember how I ended up crashing head on into a tree(not a good idea!) just round the corner of my house! My earliest recollection was about 2/3 weeks before my bash for my Sons birthday at Legoland.

My recovery has been a huge struggle the last 1yr and a half, to try and get myself back to some sort of normality, but have found that talking and meeting ppl with similar experiences a massive help.

Take care Pete and good luck with all your future endeavours Smile
Why Hi back!!

Great to hear from you and glad you found the site mate - thank you for popping in and saying "yo". I TOTALLY agree with what you are saying about talking / meeting people with similar circumstances being a massive help - it really is. Up to that point, everyone else you speak to about stuff is sympathetic and they try to be as understanding as possible, but there just isn't anything similar to speaking to someone who's actually been (or is going) through it.

Anyways, good to hear from you mate and speak soon,

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