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Nice to find a site for people who have had accidents.
5 weeks ago I was involved in an hit and run. Car pulled out, i hit it and went over the top. Ive been very lucky with my injuries but at the moment its ruiend my carerr. I had multiple fractures in my wrist of which i now have a metal plate inserted. A fractured ankle too. But today ive found out I may need key hole surgery on my knee. But im extremly lucky, if i didnt have the gear , id be in a worst condition. Ive got a long way to recover. My jobs on hold and my college course has gone out of the window now.

Fingers crossed the police will find the driver but its doubtful!!Sad
Hi Cat,

Cheers for popping by mate. Sounds like you've had / are having quite an ordeal here. Although you've had a lot of bum things happen to your body here, I guess the best way to look at it is that at least you've come out the other side of it still breathing. Everything else will mostly fix up over time - it certainly does take a while though and MUCH longer than expected but I really hope it all does for you over time. Good luck finding the idiot of a driver too - it really hacks me off the way some people react to things like this - I mean, how dare they hit you and then simply "run off" - how the heck can they live with themselves after acting so awfully. Hope they catch them. Grr..

As I say, cheers for popping by mate and take it easy - stay happy and speak soon.

Thanks for replyingSmile MIB took a statement from me, maybe ill get compensation!! but it will take along time!

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