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Did you see the 110mph Essex biker on the news?
Dramatic Motorbike Madness/ TWO WHEEL SPEEDER

There have been calls for motorbikes to have their speed capped, to cut deaths. It comes as an Essex rider is banned from the roads - after being chased at high speed by police helicopter. Darren Cullin was caught doing an average speed of a 110mph. When he realised he was being filmed he tried to hide under trees.

You can watch this story again, along with the speeding footage and follow the debate to whether motorbikes be forced to have speed limiters? What do YOU think?

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What an absolute idiot that guy is. If he's gonna ride like that, he should be on a track with other professional riders, not on a public road. What an idiot. For people like this, I think limiters aren't such a bad idea. As I say, if you're gonna ride like a bat out of hell, cool, but hit the track and do it properly there.

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