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what was it Guns & roses sang- little bit of patience
Peeved off with the likes of Mr joe ordinary people out there who have'nt GOT a CLUE bout head injuries OR have they any patience towards head injured survivors.EG: supermarket checkout, trying to pack your (40 cans of stella) goodies AND pay the cashier at the same time !!( gawd if i was meant to be an octopus , sure as hell he'd of made me one )...i sudenly notice the cashier GULP! Shes gettin real arsy here OOH & the queue behind start to get irritated & give me grief !!!! c'mon , c'mon bloody bikers . tattooed greaser i HEAR!!!...yer wot Matey i slowly turns & says to em with the look of lemmy & the off stance ...erm,erm wasn't me a says this oversized geezer in a armani suite (ay.. ah yea ..your right me means SUIT bro ...tee hee ) . so i reach into me leather( and man did they move when i did that tee hee ) and produce a little credit sized card ( Which i THRUST at em ) that states* I AM A SURVIVOR OF A BRAIN INJURY I MAY HAVE PROBLEMS WITH MY MEMORY, SPEECH & ACTIONS .I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR HELP & , tell ya i was treated like a hero after that . .i mean how would they react /like it if they were in our boots ? no one knows when it could happen to them ! thats just ONE example. of which theres gotta be some of you been in that situation time & time again EH....just wish folk could be a little bit patient & not throw one .. anyone like to comment on that Cool
How about my being independently housed in a property which is :
"purposely designed to go around your personal disabbilty so you can live independently alone."

as long as I dont use the back garden with my wheelchair there is no access for me without depending on someone else opening the none disabled gate. and pushing me through the none disabled garden.

as long as I don't expect the kitchen to have anything like for instance, a place for the cooker or fridge or freezer or dryer.

oh yes & as long as I don't use any kitchen electric sockets as they have all been shoved so high they are also wheelchair unfriendly.

& as long as when I use the sink I don't expect to reach into it with both hands. bercause they put the diasbled sink in with a none-disabled drain so my legs cannot fit under the work surface.

oh & I forgot about the step at the top of the stairs which I have to go up & down to get into the disabeld bathroom. (probabally designed so I'll break my neck going down the stairs wheelchair & all).

& as long as I don't leave the house on any day it might rain unless I want to wynd up in hospital. because the b***y disabled ramp is so steep I flirt off the end of it into the road in the wet EVEN with my brakes fully ON! (I go stright accross to the other side & smash into the kerb & head butt the pavement! not nice....I think if I have to go through it one more time I might end up 6 foot under let alone carrying a card!).

Grumble grumble.

Still, on the other hand there's the er ..... er nothing.
I'll can't think of anything to look forwards to
I hate being disabled.
I hate people shitting on me because I'm disabled & they are stupid enough to think they can get away with it but I don't let them.

The bozo's who are responsible for the mess I live in I slag off like this everywhere. even to thier faces.

I used to be like a wet lettuce, for years I just put up with it all. All my self-confedence was zapped away after I became disabled.
then in 2002 I just had ernough.

I live independently. my ex-family are p**sed o*f because they are no longer getting thier hands on my dosh. they have tried some well evil tricks to get me back so they can use me & my disability for thier gain. but I won't have anything to do with them. & I feelk so much better because they don't "talk over me as if I'm not there; I don't have to put up witrh them talking to me like I 2yrs old. I don't have to do what they decide I should do."

So I'm not only living alone. I have no family support either.

how you coping with the brain damage?
do you have any physical problems?
I have physical problems not brain damage.
I think brain damage must be very hard to cope with,
& you are a hero just to do so.
Hey adrian,

Sounds like a real nightmare having to go through all of that - had a real bum turn of events by the sounds of it mate. Get in touch with Social Services - it really does sound like it's time for a re-assessment of your circumstances to get everything back in line with the way your needs have developed over time. These things don't stay put and I reckon a re-assessment definitely sounds like it's in order for you now.

Have you got a good care manager that you'd be able to chat these things out with at all?

Also, are you in touch with your local Disability Information Network - they'd be good to talk too as well. Should be able to direct you towards further sources of help for anything else that you're finding tough... try or

Whadya fink?
I've been physically challenged for over 10 years.
I know about the SS.
some are good some are rubbish.
my current Social Worker seems OK.

I've experience of Social Workers and reviews.
I've experience of  OT's.
I've experience of  MP's.
I've experience of celebraties
I've experience of  life if you have no family to support you.
I've experience of  being homeless.
I've experience of being financially well off, almost very rich.
I've experience of  losing everything.
I've experience of financal hardship.
I've experience of  living with people with learning disabilities.
I've experience of  people/family/kids dying. (you really DONT want to know)
I've experience of  The Disability discrimination act's of 2002 & have my own copy.
I've experience of  the Law of Human Rights & have my own copy. (it's more useful than the disability acts BTW).
I've experience of  being a single parent bringing up a teenager when I'm the one physically challenged.
I've experience of a lot of other stuff too. I've even burned a boiled egg once! (go on SMILE I know it's not a good joke even if it was spelt with a Y!)

Life is an adventure, your travelling through every emotion you think you cannot bear; to all the wonderful momments you want to last forever.

It is important to not let go.
because by dealing with the hard bad stuff you become stronger. & you become who you are.

& who you are, is a combination of many things:
Sometimes the role model others see you as.
Sometimes the person who brings joy to another.
Sometimes the person who helps someone else find thier own strengths.
(like maybe? when you were first debilitated your needing to rely on some person around you, actually helped this person realize they were important; & by relying on them, when you needed someone to support you, you made thier life a better quality of self-worth).

what I've been through may sound bad to you.
It is niether good nor bad. just experiences.
& with each experience life throws at us; it is our choices of how we handle them.
in a nutshell:
when everything goes "pear-shaped" it's just another part of your personal lifes' adventures.

The word "adventure" does not mean "fun & safe"
that's why you can die from "miss-adventure"
your now disabled.
you've experienced the "miss-adventure"
you're lifes' changed forever.
you could so easily have died at that momment....
only you didn't! you survived.

your still here, so it's not time for you to die, although you had the miss-adventure.
your here because your a surviver!
I'm here because I'm a surviver!

& I'm happy right now because I just purchased another new oven.
although no one will install my lovely hob's because to do so would be dangerous where the tw*t's left a work surface for
"The disabled one".

so instead of saying Wow that's bad have you heard about the social services?
how about saying
"wow! tough call,
so, how d'you get around that problem?
what have you already tried?"

I can then say:
"yes it's just a tough call, but I'm dealing with it.
I've got around the problem so far by making sure everyone from the Council who've let me down, know I've recorded all thier conversations.
When they turn around & say "It's illegal for me to do so."
I already know the law about it.
I reply
"I informed you already I record every conversation I'll be having with you & this is recorded on the first conversation we had.
I am recording you not for trainning purposes only.
This is my home. My private dwelling.
I have noone to whittness what you said.
My recording can be used to prove the accuracy of the agreements we reached so there can be no arguements about it.
If I feel you need re-training then I'll send my recordings to the relevant bodies."

you see, they don't know exactly what they've said.
because I'm alone, & disabled they've tried it on.
They tried to screw both the Tax payers via claiming the grants for work not done. & me by not doing the work.
I'm living inside a house of evidence of thier neglect.
So right now, they are worried.

My home WILL be correctly repaired.
I gave them ample time to do the repairs.
Both BBC & the MP were informed back in 2004 as to the state of my home.

Now I've taken the gloves off!

Is there anything else you feel I might have missed?

What's one of or your almost worst experience?
(I don't ask about your most worst experience, because whilst it's the worst then you may still dealing with it).

Also, are you in touch with your local Disability Information Network - they'd be good to talk too as well. Should be able to direct you towards further sources of help for anything else that you're finding tough... try or

don't know what to think about them...
have you ever had dealings with either of them?
ho yes, & by the way, I'm 100% woman.
Hi Guys,
OK, am very impressed with the fact that both of you are still here and patient enough to put your point across so ela.. ele... eler... elequently... (Now about that spell checker!! lol)...
I can't even begin to imaging how tough your recovery must have been and the sheer determination it has taken to get this far, a huge amount of repsect to you for that.
Just reading your comments about your day to day challenges has made me realise how lightly I got off and how lucky I am to still be here, I think at times most people are a little impatient or lack understanding for others, all we can hope is that they learn from their experiences and may not act that way next time...
Hi Dave & welcome to the forum.
I've not been here as much as I'd like lately because:
I've been busy fighting a court case in the highst courts of the UK.

Any way,
I won the case!

I wiped the floor with the opposing 2x solicitors "2x barristers & the fancy Silk as well as the lieing b**** from CAFCASS.

I had to win.
not only for myself, but for other disabled people.

Cases like this don't go all the way to the very top of the British justice system unless they are likely to affect the law; or to affect the outcome of other similar cases.

So, against all odds...I had to win.

Winning the case is not just winning the court case; it's repairing the damage it does to your life being dragged through the courts too.

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