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I, the author of this website, am setting this up so that I can not only voice what's happened to me, but also to provide a means through which people who have similar incidents can also pop in and discuss what's happened with them to other like minded people. In my experience, there wasn't anywhere "helpful" to turn to for real advice when you're coming out of something like this - hence the site as a mild attempt to tell you what to expect.

Now, whats happened......?

I was a member of a motorbike club called "Bike Club UK" which I and a few friends setup a few years ago to bring bikers together. (I created a website for it: Bike Club UK - now redesigned and run by others). I had progressed from a 125cc scooter to a 600cc Honda Hornet and onto my favourite bike a 1998, 918cc Honda Fireblade which is what I was riding when this accident happened. Now, one Friday evening (October 29th, 2004) me and a good friend went out for a ride on our bikes over Marlow direction near where we live. We popped into a pub for an ickle cola and then hit the roads once again heading out of town to carry on the ride. We hit derestricted roads and became almost immediately stuck behind someone doing about 25 MPH - quick check of visibility suggested there could be an incident so we happily stayed where we were behind the car. The road then straightened up, a quick shoulder check, signal and acceleration past the car and overtaking had begun. Now, at this point my memory is totally lost but for some reason I didn't pull back into the left after overtaking. I've subsequently decided that maybe I stayed out because I was checking my rear view mirror that my friend had also made it past OK, but I can't remember why. Either way, I overtook successfully and when I next looked up, a car was heading straight for me coming the other way.

I had no time to manouver out of the way and ended up hitting the front of the car head-on. My friend successfully managed to avoid all of this but not without hitting the ground and sliding off down the road with his bike. According to witnesses, the speed of the car I hit was about 30 and I was doing about 35 which gives a combined impact speed of about 65 MPH. Hit the front and smashed through the windscreen head first (my helmetted head took pretty much the entire initial impact). I was pulled back out of the windscreen and my body was flipped up high in the air and then landed on the road on my right hand side - out for the count.

My memory of all this isn't in place at all but apparently there was someone at the scene who supported my head and kept everyone off my body keeping me perfectly still until the ambulance arrived. I am and will eternally be more than grateful to this person for doing that - they no doubt helped to save my life and it brings a clench to my heart every time I think of them.

Apparently, I then got ambulanced away and hospitalised immediately. My jaw was broken in six places which needed to be fixed - wasn't possible to immediately fix things as my body reacted too much when any changes were made. They carried out all the works to my body and jaw. The doctors kept me unconscious through medication as my body was trying its hardest to surface - apparently it took up to four times as much as normal medication to keep me sedated as my body fought back.

I was then kept in a medically induced coma which lasted quite some time. When I initially first came around, I remember waking up in hospital with absolutely no feeling at all on my right hand side - mouth, arm, leg, nothing. Was very strange and scarily sobering - apparently, the doctors didn't know what to expect, I might have been paralysed from this point on.

Bit by bit, I began to wake up slightly more regularly and as I did so, the memories started to come back and stay for a change. Also, slowly but surely, so did the feelings in my right hand side - initially very painful, but pain is SO much better than nothing at all. My family and some friends were very much there and incredibly helpful for me - it is so great to be correctly supported when you really need it and they have been TOTALLY there for me - one incredibly lucky man.

The hospital stay lasted a while longer and I was eventually discharged back home. This is where the rehabilitation process for myself really started to happen and am still carrying on. Lots of physical exercising, mental tasks (like these) and getting back into things in the correct order. This is where I began discovering that there is very few examples and helpful support of this sort of recovery out there and hence I came up with creating this site for anyone else who's also suffering and needs to chat.

A friend of mine has pointed out that if you've had an accident like this and are currently sitting there nodding away lots, your next question will probably be, "well what can I do now?". I've therefore setup a section in the Forum here where you can read ways other people have helped themselves when coming round from something like this. You can also sign up and add in ways you've found have worked for you so far.

Incredibly thankfully, everyone else who was involved in my accident has survived unscathed and I am so grateful for that - I don't know who I need to thank for that, but THANK YOU - so much.